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Buyer representation     When buying a house or land in Southeast Michigan you should contact and interview multiple agents and find out how each represents his or her client. Your relationship with your buyer's agent is like a marriage. We have fiduciary duties that include obedience, loyalty, disclosure , confidentiality, accountability, reasonable care & due diligence- not exactly til death do us part but close enough! And when you find an agent you like you should stay loyal. We work hard for our clients and take our representation of you seriously. There are several pages on this site, as well as on our buyer blog about how we represent our buyers, the nuts and bolts of buying a home and strategies for buying, including everything involved in buying a foreclosure home, short sale listings as well as regular listings.

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Seller representation     We have proven systems in place to sell your Southeast Michigan home or vacant land. I am the listing agent for all our team listings and pride myself on giving top of the line service. I am very careful and thorough when preparing a market evaluation for your house. I have an excellent and proven marketing plan. And I am available. I return calls, emails and texts. I answer the phone when it rings- when I am able. I don't tend to answer the phone while with other clients; there are exceptions when I'm expecting a call or text about something urgent and can't wait, but that is rare.

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Oakland County Michigan     Oakland County MI is located just north of Detroit. The Clarkston area, which is where our office is located, is no more than an hour from downtown Detroit. During what I like to call the good times Oakland County grew like a weed. A lot of industry and tech jobs moved to Auburn Hills, the economy in general was rolling along and houses were being built. Starter homes to luxury homes and everything in between. Along with the homes and the jobs came the area amenities that have come to be expected in middle in upscale lifestyles. County and township parks and nature areas were enlarged, managed and created. Soccer fields, walking/bike paths, fitness centers, restaurants, shopping... all sprung up and are still here and still relatively new.

Oakland County MI has more than 1468 lakes, approximately 89,000 acres of public recreation land, entertainment venues such as DTE and Meadowbrook outdoor theaters, The Detroit Zoo, shopping centers like Great Lakes Crossing, countless restaurants and housing opportunities unlike any we've ever seen. Prices and interest rates are low and neither will probably get any lower than they are now.

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Clarkston Michigan     Clarkston MI is located in North Oakland County and boasts a quaint downtown. In fact when I took a photo a few years ago of downtown Clarkston and compared it to a photo from 1908 the only real differences were no street light and horse and buggy replaced SUV's. Downtown is also graced with Mill Pond and Depot Park. The townships of Independence and Springfield boast both starter and luxury homes. Newer subs with estate sized yards and lakefront homes ranging from cottages to mansions. Homes on acreage or hobby farms can be found in the outlying areas of these townships. Prices have not only stabilized but have been increasing for the past couple years.

Lake Orion Michigan     Lake Orion MI can be accessed from exit 81 off I-75 at M-24. Oakland County. Take M-24 north past the Palace of Auburn Hills and you will hit the Village of Lake Orion. Both the Village of Lake Orion and Orion Township enjoyed the same growth that Clarkston and the rest of Oakland County experienced. Lake Orion features over 4600 acres of state land in the form of Bald Mountain Recreation Area, township and county parks, public and private lakes, shopping, restaurants and easy access to both I-75 and I-69. Home prices are on the rise and both interest rates and inventory are low.

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Oxford Michigan     Oxford MI is just north of Lake Orion MI and boasts more than 50 lakes, 4 local parks, and both public and private golf courses. The downtown offers an array of unique shops, restaurants, a 6 screen movie theatre, and business services. Many village homes have historical character, which contributes to the overall quaint character of this community. The township features starter homes as well as more upscale homes, lakefront homes, golf course communities and in the more outlying areas you can still find homes on acreage, horse farms and working farms.

Oakland County Michigan Lakefront Real Estate     Oakland County has over 1468 lakes and lake homes selling ranging from cottages to mansions. Many have public accesses and some are private. All sports lakes allow water skiing and jet skiing. Lake homes are a good investment and offer a lifestyle many seek. Whether you are looking for a lake cottage, a primary residence, second home or investment please check out the lakefront homes section of this site or perform home searches customized to your own wants and needs. These lake sections also show current sales along with sales histories on several Oakland County Lakes. These pages are updated regularly and pages are added when time permits.

Lapeer Michigan Lakefront Real Estate     Lapeer County MI offers lake living



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Over the next several days I will be making significant changes to this blog. Many of the posts were written when the housing market was down and distressed sales were the norm (foreclosures and short sales). Tags and categories were assigned accordingly. We now appear to be back to a normal market, and I am […]

The 72 hour contingency clause is often referred to as a first right of refusal; that is close but not quite accurate. A first right of refusal is an agreement between a seller and potential buyer that if the seller accepts an offer on a piece of property the potential buyer has a certain time […]

Interest rates are low- super low. How low? Low enough you can pay today’s prices for a smaller payment than 2008 prices with 2008 interest rates. Last week’s rates for a 30 fixed with 20% down and a half point was 3.625%. With good credit of course. A few weeks ago you could get a […]

Clarkston MI and the surrounding areas offer a plethora of both indoor and outdoor activities- a quaint downtown shopping area, township and state parks, top of the line restaurants… and the topic of this post Pine Knob Ski and Snowboard Resort. Pine Knob is located on the southeast corner of Clarkston and Sashabaw Roads in […]

When an Oakland or Lapeer County home buyer comes to us with a pre-approval letter for an FHA mortgage we will ask both you and your loan officer “Why FHA?” It’s not that we are FHA snobs or don’t want to work with FHA buyers, but FHA does come with its own baggage. Baggage that […]

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