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Below is a list of all sports lakes in Oakland and Lapeer counties. This list is by no means complete; they are maps or aerials I currently have in my possession. I will be adding maps as I acquire them. Please be sure to fill in an accurate e-mail address since the map will be automatically and immediately e-mailed to you. If there are any maps I'm missing, please e-mail me at and I will do my best to obtain that map or aerial.

Bald Eagle Lake

Bevins Lake

Big Lake - Springfield Twp.

Bush Lake - Holly

Carroll Lake - Commerce

Cass Lake

Cedar Island Lake - White Lake

Clark Lake - Commerce

Commerce Lake - Commerce

Cooley Lake- Commerce- White Lake

Crescent Lake- Waterford

Deer Lake - Independence Twp.

Dixie Lake- Springfield Twp- Aerial Photo

Duck Lake- Highland Twp.

Elizabeth Lake- Waterford

Elkhorn Lake- Orion Twp.

Grass Lake - White Lake

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