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Clarkston MI Home Sales Data

Clarkston MI home sales ontinue to rise- both in unit sales and price. The amount of distressed sales continues to decline and houses are selling within a few per cent of asking price on average.

Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging about Clarkston area sales in more detail and those blog posts will display at the bottom of this page.

For a more accurate look at what your house may be worth you need to look more locally; I have a handful of subs and several lake communities linked below with current sales data.

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Oakland County Lakes

Below are some charts and graphs with Clarkston MI/Independence Township sales data.

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units sold      

avg sale price   

median sale price

2003 466 $306,588 $263,025
2004 468 $288,647 $250,000













2008 335 $218,836 $184,000
2009 353 $176,611 $150,000
2010 416 $188,471 $162,000
2011 427 $193,949 $157,500
2012 516 $203,206 $169,150
2013 505 $249,782 $225,000
2014 487 $262,019 $238,500
2015 512 $281,792 $250,000

clarkston mi monthly sales

clarkston mi sales volume

clarkston mi non distressed sales

Buying a Clarkston MI Home

Below is an RSS feed of blog articles I've written about buying a home in Clarkston MI. The RSS feed is set to show the 5 most recent posts.If you click here you can get the entire list of blog posts covering topics such as the purpose of the home inspection, what is an earnest money deposit, why you need title insurance, what are seller concessions, etc. 

My buyer blog at is a pretty complete resource for all aspects of purchasing a home in Oakland and Lapeer County Michigan with articles covering how to write an offer, the home buying process, how to figure your new taxes after purchase, market conditions for various areas including my predictions about future market conditions. And of course it is a pretty complete resource for all that is involved in buying a short sale or foreclosure listing.

Jackie Hawley

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Non Distressed Home Sale

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Below are the 5 most recent blog posts I wrote for home sellers. You can go to my home seller blog at to get all the posts I've ever written. Click on the proper category on the right side of the home page.

My seller blog at is a pretty complete resource for all aspects of the home sale process in Oakland and Lapeer County Michigan with articles covering what to expect at our first meeting, how to price your home, how I market my listings, what happens, step by step, after accepting an offer and much more. 

Jackie Hawley
ReMax Encore, Clarkston
cell: (248)736-6407

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