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Barbed Hooks vs Barbless Hooks In a nutshell barbless hooks will not damage the fish as badly as barbed hooks. If you plan on releasing your catch

11/17/2017 6:50:43 PM

Fort Lauderdale Fishing with Top Shot Sportfishing Charter Boat and Capt. Zsak Carlos, Yoselin, and their son, along with their friends, Victor a

11/14/2017 5:05:29 AM

The last of my summer Saltwater videos has been posted. Bottom Fishing is one of our Families favorite things to do. The action is usually pretty g

11/14/2017 3:14:12 AM

Fort Lauderdale Fishing with Top Shot Sportfishing Charter Boat and Capt. Zsak Chris Brenner from Ohio along with JB Brenner, Max and Dave Harry

11/12/2017 10:13:35 AM

Went out a couple nights ago just to record a video or two while fishing for Black drum and happened to get two nice size black drums! The one I caugh

11/10/2017 10:54:32 PM

Took the yak out a couple of days ago near three mile in search of bull and ended up stumbling upon a giant school of Thousands of big Jack Crevalle.

11/10/2017 10:31:37 PM

HOW I SPIN CAST ON LOCATION! Another term for spin casting is whipping. For me i incorporate a few choice products to be used in the field to help

11/10/2017 6:52:52 PM

Gary Wilson, Larry Jones, and Kevin Scully fished 19 miles west of New Pass with me on Monday morning, 10/16/17, in calm seas. The guys had a producti

11/9/2017 12:19:58 PM

Fort Lauderdale Fishing with Top Shot Sportfishing Charter Boat and Capt. Zsak Nancy Roman and friend, Pat Farrell, from Jacksonville chartered t

11/8/2017 4:57:45 AM

Nitro GT Surf Casting Rod! In Hawaii the Nitro Casting Rods are the most popular choice for shore/surf caster day or night. Action classes are- Me

11/7/2017 12:07:13 PM

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I'm new here but live/love to fish. By way of introduction I thought I'd post a video I recently posted on YouTube of my youngest daughter and I jig f

11/9/2017 4:33:02 PM

Went out a couple of days ago to Simpsons River located in Pensacola Florida and absolutely wrecked the Hybrids bass , and even managed t catch some R

11/5/2017 6:19:21 PM

Fun trip - got to spend the weekend in Montreal and fish for Sturgeon on the Mighty St Lawrence River.

10/18/2017 3:35:28 PM Amazing point of view!! See how it looks like when pike bite your spoon. It shows how a pike reacts to

10/9/2017 2:06:11 PM

Footage from our second day at Devils Lake North Dakota. Conditions were a bit tougher than the day before. Cooled down quite a bit and the wind picke

10/1/2017 3:25:02 PM

Ever wonder what it looks like when the northern pike bite your bait. This is the video for you. It shows how a pike reacts to trolling. We were troll

9/23/2017 12:08:10 PM

Amazing footage or walleyes biting and following Rapala crank baits

9/13/2017 8:24:51 PM

Waiting for the run to happen, put some clips form prior season waiting anxiously.

9/13/2017 1:39:36 PM

The Sturgeon bite is sometimes interrupted by some time occupying species. I like to think of them as the sturgeon bycatch. The unsung fish of the riv

9/7/2017 8:44:19 PM

Took a family trip to Montreal and was able to sneak out for a sturgeon night fish with my cousin and local guide. Action was incredible and the fish

9/3/2017 3:51:48 PM