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Jackie Hawley- a brief introduction

Jackie Hawley

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Extensive Internet Exposure

Extensive Internet Exposure

Your house will be advertised on the same web sites everybody else’s are on- Trulia, Zillow,, Craig’s List, Google  Real Estate, Yahoo Real Estate….  Yada yada blah blah

And there are a whole lot of sites most of our personal web sites aggregate to-  sites you either never heard of. Or sites you would never think to go to, to buy a home (or real estate of any nature)-, and even

So you ask: Why is “extensive internet exposure” important if everybody’s listings go to the same sites, with the majority of those sites just there to pad viewing stats?

Good question, Grasshopper. There are a handful of sites that are important to be on. Those sites include the ones listed at the top (Zillow, et al),, and my highly trafficked sites.

So now it comes down to two basic items that separate my internet marketing from most other agents. First is the quality of the ads. I use quality photos, lots of them, and good ad copy.

Second is the quality of the buyer my sites are optimized to attract. My web sites are optimized, and blog posts are written, to attract buyers who are looking in my market area. It does no good to have buyers looking for a house in Traverse City to visit any of my sites or blogs.


Aerial Photography/Video


Aerial photography and video is the newest weapon in our arsenal to get your house sold. And is one of the big online differences that seperates my marketing from other agents.

Google has had a love affair with photos for quite a while. But Google has always been very fickle, and its affections have been straying to video. Google still likes good content and properly tagged photos, but Google seems to be starting a love affair with video. So we are moving into the realm of video.

I have been improving my video making/editing skills and posting to You Tube- the 2nd most utilized search engine. We are also adding video to pages of our already highly visited web site to increase that activity.

Web Presence

This web site, as well as my blogs, all have an excellent web presence. I periodically check different search terms and often find this web site and maybe a blog post or two on page one. I optimize the site and blogs for relevant search terms- terms determined after extensive research on Google's key word search tool. I update my research a couple times per year and make changes when appropriate.

How does this help sell your house? This site for the most part appears to be designed for home buyers- listings displayed on many of the pages. Search the MLS linked all over the place in an attempt to entice potential home buyers into performing their home searches on my site and if I'm lucky they will register and save a search or two. Potential buyers for your house. I show houses as well as list and I currently have an experienced assistant and a full time buyer specialist on my team. The more buyers we can attract, the better chance we have of finding a buyer for your property.

Selling- Real Estate Blog for Sellers

Below are the 5 most recent blog posts I wrote on my blog geared toward the home seller. Most of what is out there on web sites and blogs are written for home buyers and to attract buyers. This blog is written solely for the person selling, or contemplating selling their Southeast Michigan home. For the entire blog please go to

Jackie Hawley
 ReMax Encore, Clarkston MI
cell: (248)736-6407


NON Distressed Seller – Southeast Michigan Real Estate- For Sellers

This is a common question I get when a person is considering selling their Oakland County MI home. First let me explain that most everything is negotiable; the purpose of this post is to address what is customary for the Oakland County and Lapeer County areas. Costs to the seller: commission (I normally charge 6%, […]

Why it’s best to close on your Oakland County home as soon as the buyer gets loan approval There are many reasons to close immediately after the loan is approved and the buyer is clear to close. Even if that happens 3 or 4 weeks prior to the close by date. Seller can die Buyer can die […]

Why Zillow is a Good Thing They are well optimized so my listings get good exposure. And their Zestimates are SOOOOOOO wrong!! The first is a no brainer. Free exposure with a pretty decent format. My listings are attractively displayed with multiple photos and a good description. I can edit the photos and text, and […]

Should I stay around for the showing? Many home sellers in Oakland and Lapeer County Michigan ask this question. You should leave and I should not be there either. For the showing you want potential buyers to be as comfortable as possible. You want them to feel free to express any concerns or dislikes to […]

Home prices in North Oakland and Lapeer counties have been increasing- sharply. What you can buy for $200,000 today will probably get $210,000 or even $220,000 this summer..... If a house is slightly overpriced today won't be this summer. Not every seller has the same motivations. Some want to sell quickly. Some want to sell for top dollar and we are now in a market where patience can be profitable.

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