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Hunting, Fishing, Etc.

Welcome to the hunting and fishing section of my web site. This is one of the non real estate related areas of the site. It's one of a handful of areas where I won't ask for your business. Since hunting and fishing is a past time of many of my clients and neighbors, I thought I would supply an area of my site that is as complete as possible for anyone with interest in hunting, fishing, conservation and preservation. If you have any suggestions please feel free to call or e-mail them to me. I promise not to hound you. There are also RSS feeds on this page that don't require an rss reader- they are already set up for easy reading and updates every 12 hours. The information is as current as the publication I update if from.

So enjoy, and come back often.

other non-real estate areas

Other non real estate areas of this site include gardening, cooking, health and fitness, travel, and sports. Please don't hesitate to offer suggestions. All of these areas will have interactive blogs- please participate. My direct line is 1-800-401-1444 and my e-mail address is I look forward to you input.