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Lapeer County Farms and Hobby Farms

Lapeer County Michigan offers a variety of lifestyles- regular suburban houses of all sizes and price ranges, lakefront homes, golf course communities and rural living. Rural living can mean a double wide on a couple acres in an area of larger farms all the way to large working farms. The most common are homes on some acreage which I am going to refer to as hobby farms. Homes on 5 or 10 acres (or even homes on 20 or 30 acres) are still quite common and that is what this page will be dedicated to.

These hobby farms are all over the county with concentrations in what is called the "Metamora Hunt" area and in the northern part of the county.

Metamora Hunt covers multiple townships- not just Metamora. It covers parts of Metamora, Hadley, Dryden, Oxford and Addison townships. There is no search parameter that covers the Metamora Hunt and excludes the parts of those townships that are not in the Hunt Club area. So for my first dip into accruing sales data I searched Metamora Twp, Hadley Twp and Dryden Twp on 10 or more acres.

Metamora Hunt area has always been desirable and priced accordingly. You don't really need a map to know you've entered hunt country- it's very beautiful and even "feels" rich.

Using the above search parameters I came up with 40 sales in 2022 ranging in price from a fixer at $275,000-$2,785,000 for a house on 248 acres. In 2022 there were 3 homes that sold for over a million.

In 2021 there were 36 sales ranging in price from $170,000-$1,400,000. There were 7 homes that sold for a million or more. There were also more sales under $300,000.

So far in 2023 (as of June 27) there have been 12 sales ranging in price from $310,000-$1,695,500. There were also 7 sales pending and 10 active listings.

What is the value of your home?