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Sale prices in Lapeer County are on the rise again- partly because of the improving economy (less foreclosure sales and short sales) and partly because of a low inventory. The links below will take you to pages on this site about area and home sale information. Links to lake maps and state land and park maps as well as videos pertinent to Lapeer County. And I will continue to make more videos as time permits.

And of course there are links to pages about preparing your home for sale, why I'm the agent to sell it for you (or find you a house), and links about marketing, financing, etc.

Scroll down a bit and you will find short ads for Lapeer homes for sale. I displayed a few different IDX searches- Lapeer homes on acreage, Lapeer lakefront homes... -the searches may change in the future to display different types of homes. The IDX is the consumer version of the MLS and you can go straight to the IDX and set up your own searches by clicking Home Search here or below.

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Over the next several days I will be making significant changes to this blog. Many of the posts were written when the housing market was down and distressed sales were the norm (foreclosures and short sales). Tags and categories were assigned accordingly. We now appear to be back to a normal market, and I am […]

If you tried to sell your Lapeer County Lake house last year with no success, AND you were a fairly high priced listing, do not despair. It was not your house- it was the market. In 2014 there were only 4 lakefront sales over $600,000 and all 4 were on acreage. 2 of those were […]

When Lapeer County home buyer comes to us with a pre-approval letter for an FHA mortgage we will ask both you and your loan officer “Why FHA?” It’s not that we are FHA snobs or don’t want to work with FHA buyers, but FHA does come with its own baggage. Baggage that affects you the […]

Do Lapeer MI Houses Sell in the Winter? I have been asked this question quite a bit lately. The short answer is yes. Not as many as in the summer- as you can see from the graph below, there’s a big drop in January. This is due mostly to the Christmas holidays. Thanksgiving and New Years affect this, […]

When High Tech is just an excuse for laziness This post is NOT a criticism of electronic signatures, Twitter, Facebook… nor of agents who utilize these methods in their real estate business. This post IS a criticism of agents who criticize those of us who choose NOT to use any of the above in our […]

Paperless is NOT green I’m getting pretty tired of listening to agents boast about being paperless thus calling themselves “green.” First of all- something is substituted for paper. Usually a device that is electronic – more than likely built from petroleum products and run (charged) with coal. I have no problem with plastic and electronics- […]

I am still working on my video editing skills. This video may be re-worked in the future or simply canned and a new one made. But for an early effort I don’t think this is too bad  

Seller Concessions Explained- Lapeer MI Real Estate This is my attempt at a very simplified explanation of what seller concessions are. Example: You want to buy the house you just looked at and want to make an offer of $200,000. You need $5000 in seller concessions (seller paying all or part of your closing costs). Your […]

Should I stay around for the showing? Many home sellers in Lapeer Michigan ask this question. You should leave and I should not be there either. For the showing you want potential buyers to be as comfortable as possible. You want them to feel free to express any concerns or dislikes to their agent. Often this […]

Is My Listing REALLY Overpriced? It seems lately the explanation that comes with a low ball offer is that the house (my listing) is overpriced. I guess soooo grossly overpriced that your buyer chose it as their favorite. I understand a buyer submitting a low offer trying to see what they can get it for. […]

Some of the Lapeer area homes we have sold

Below is a sampling of local homes we have sold over the years. I am slow to add new sales and even slower to remove old ones. Old sales still show familiarity and experience in the area.