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I searched all of Lapeer County for my sales data and put in a bottom search price of $10,000. If there were any rentals that rented for $10,000 or more it was probably only 1. Doubtful there were any. I only search residential listings in Realcomp II- the local MLS. I did not include vacant land, condos or commercial real estate.

There is a huge variety of homes in Lapeer Michigan from small starter homes at the top of the county, to huge custom homes on large parcels of property in the Metamora Hunt area. There are lakefront cottages as well as lakefront estates. The numbers here are more for comparison purposes. For more accurate data I have some pages on this site for specific lakes, neighborhoods and blog posts that are RSS fed at the bottom that will go into detail about specific types of housing.

Overall sales (units) were up about 9 1/2%. Volume was up 15% over 2014.The average sales price in 2015 was up 6% from 2014 and up 20% from 2013.

Distressed sales made up 17% of the total sales- down from 25% in 2014.

Houses sold within 3% of their asking price and within 5% of their original asking price.

The increase in the amount of lake sales was proportionate to the general sales, but the increase in sales on acreage (I used 5+ acres in my search) was 20% from 2014.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing blog posts breaking the sales data down to more specific areas and sales types. Those posts will display at the bottom of this page.

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