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Each page linked directly below offers more specific information for that particular lake including current sales data, sales history, any information I can find and document regarding the lake such as its stocking history, any lake association information, public access sites, etc. I am usually pretty good about updating the sales data and is usually pretty current. If you are thinking about selling a lake house, you can get a good idea of the data a buyer and subsequent appraiser will look at when determining the value of your home. If you are thinking about buying, you can get an idea of what various lakes are able to get price wise. Different lakes command different prices. What is the difference between a $300,000 house on Lake Orion and a $600,000 house on Middle Straits Lake? The price! There's a good chance there won't be that big of a difference in the houses.

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Oakland County Michigan Lakes

       Big Lake        


Crescent Lake             Deer Lake  Dixie Lake          

    Elizabeth Lake


    Indian Lake                 Indianwood Lake             

Lake Oakland/Woodhull Lake  

       Lake Orion

Lake Waumegah        


    Lakeville Lake        Long Lake- Lake Orion  

        Lotus/Maceday Lakes


             Manitou Lake   

    Pontiac Lake       Silver Lake

Stringy Lakes


     Susin Lk     Sylvan/Otter Lakes           


         Van Norman   Voorheis Lake      


        Whipple Lake      


     Williams Lake   

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Price Reduced! Exquisite home on 15 acres- hunt in your own back yard! http://www.mirelocation.com/Listings/DetailsAuthenticated/243310355?

858 Esther, Lake Orion Open Sunday, Nov 20, 2016 from 1-4 pm

Over the next several days I will be making significant changes to this blog. Many of the posts were written when the housing market was down and distressed sales were the norm (foreclosures and short sales). Tags and categories were assigned accordingly. We now appear to be back to a normal market, and I am […]

This is a common question I get when a person is considering selling their Oakland County MI home. First let me explain that most everything is negotiable; the purpose of this post is to address what is customary for the Oakland County and Lapeer County areas. Costs to the seller: commission (I normally charge 6%, […]

If you tried to sell your Lapeer County Lake house last year with no success, AND you were a fairly high priced listing, do not despair. It was not your house- it was the market. In 2014 there were only 4 lakefront sales over $600,000 and all 4 were on acreage. 2 of those were […]