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Pontiac Lake- Lakefront Real Estate Sales

Pontiac Lake, White Lake and Waterford MI 

Pontiac Lake is a 585 acre all sports lake located in White Lake Township and Waterford Township Michigan. Pontiac Lake is part of the Huron River chain that eventually dumps into Lake Erie. For the fisherman Pontiac Lake was stocked in the 80's and 90's through 2002 with  black crappie, bluegill, channel catfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, walleye and yellow perch.

For the boater/jet skier Pontiac Lake is one of the larger all sports lakes in Oakland County MI and host to Quake on the Lake, a inboard hydroplane race that has been held annually on Pontiac Lake.

Pontiac Lake Property Owners Association

Pontiac Lake is surrounded on 3 sides by Pontiac Lake Recreation Area- over 3700 acres of state land which offers horseback riding, hunting, snowmobiling, shooting/archery range, boat access and beach on Pontiac Lake and much more. Even though the Pontiac Lake area offers almost everything the outdoors person could want, it is still only minutes from M-59, shopping, airport, restaurants and much more.

Real estate sales on Pontiac Lake have gone through rough times just like the rest of Michigan. In 2004 sales of lakefront homes on Pontiac ranged from $179,900-$288,000 (as reported Realcomp II MLS). In 2010 sales ranged from $57,00-$230,000 with only 2 sales over $200,000.

Buying a home on all sports Pontiac Lake isn't just an investment decision; it's a lifestyle decision.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home on all sports Pontiac Lake, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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cell: (248)736-6407

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Pontiac Lake Real Estate Sales 2014

Address sq. ft. basement 2014 SP terms Sale Type previous SP previous SP
8365 Pontiac Lake 949 Slab $58,000 Cash   2012-$26,000  
9375 Buckingham 1104 slab $96,900 cash bank 2000- $187,300  
2308 Kingston 1662 Yes $147,000 Cash      
9476 Thames 1984 Part. fin. $219,000 Conv      
8876 Tackles 850 Crawl $219,000 Conv   2008-$107,900 1999-$139,500
2392 Orchard Ln 1186 crawl $222,500 conv   1996- $138,000  
2299 Kingston 3015 Crawl $250,000 Conv.      
2525 Blair 1531 Part. Fin. $256,000 Conv.      
9055 Gale 2704 Crawl $427,500 Conv      

Sales data from Realcomp II MLS and prices reflect the price after subtracting any seller concessions that were reported

Pontiac Lake Lakefront Home Sales 2013

Address sq. ft. basement 2013 SP terms Sale Type previous SP previous SP
2419 Gale Island Dr 750 slab $31,000 cash      
8365 Pontiac Lk Rd 949 slab $41,250 cash   2012-$24,000 2008-$84,500
8860 Tackles Dr 718 crawl $129,900 cash   2009-$60,000  
9474 Thames Blvd 720 fin stand $170,030 conv   2003-$191,500 2002-$179,000
8861 Tackles Ct 1944 crawl $200,000 conv   2012-$179,457  
2211 Kingston St 974 fin walk out $207,250 conv   1998-$139,950  
9555 Bonnie Briar 1480 unfin stand $220,000 cash      
8878 Bonnie Briar 1475 fin stand $225,000 conv   2005-$274,900  
9267 Camelot St 1179 slab $240,000 conv      
9061 Gale Rd 2637 crawl $299,000 LC   1996-$180,000  
8700 Gale Rd 1833 stand walk out $300,000 conv      

Sales data from Realcomp II MLS and prices reflect the price after subtracting any seller concessions that were reported

Complimentary Maps

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Pontiac Lake Map

Pontiac Lake State Land

Pontiac Lake Lakefront Home Sales 2011

Address sq. ft. basement 2011 SP terms Sale Type previous SP previous SP
2497 Blair St 547 crawl $60,000 cash short sale 2002- $139,900  
2089 Kingston 1524 Mich basement $81,280 cash bank 2005- $258,500 2003- $248,000
9245 Buckingham 2004 mich basement $88,900 cash bank owned 2004- $179,900 1999- $112,000
9547 Bonnie Briar 992 fin daylight $140,000 conv      
9091 Gale Rd 2000 mich basement $155,500 conv   2008- $135,000 2007- $110,000
8991 Tackles 1722 crawl $180,000 conv short sale 2004- $186,000  
2580 Tackles 1700 crawl $185,130 conv short sale 2007- $225,000 2002- $360,000
8882 Arlington 2071 unfin basement $190,207 FHA bank owned 2003- $327,000  
2228 Kingston 1824 crawl $242,000 conv      

Sales data from Realcomp II MLS and prices reflect the price after subtracting any seller concessions that were reported


Pontiac Lake Lakefront Real Estate Sales in 2010

Address sq. ft. basement 2010 SP terms Sale Type previous SP previous SP
2094 Kingston 912 crawl $57,000 cash bank owned 2001- $134,900 1998- $60,000
2401 Orchard Lk 928 unfin standard $60,000 cash short sale 2002- $185,000  
8941 Tackles 1630 crawl $129,000 FHA      
9463 Bonnie Briar 1052 part fin standard $135,000 cash      
9359 Gale 1500 crawl $140,000 cash   1995- $125,000  
9441 Bonnie Briar 1347 crawl $147,133 conv bank owned 1999- $185,000  
9011 Gale 3109 crawl $158,000 cash bank owned 2001- $330,000  
2615 Tackles  1252  crawl  $163,000  cash  short sale     
8866 Arlington  1959  crawl  $184,500  cash  bank owned  1998- $249,000   
9016 Pontiac Lake  2048  slab  $194,873 conv  bank owned     
2260 Kingston 1710 fin walk out $229,900 cash   2004- $325,000  
9500 Bonnie Briar  1951  part fin daylight  $230,000  FHA       

Sales data from Realcomp II MLS and prices reflect the price after subtracting any seller concessions that were reported


Pontiac Lake Home Sales 2009

Address sq. ft. 2009 sale price Sale Type previous sale price previous sale price
8860 Tackles 718 $60,000- Feb bank owned 1999- $120,000  
8851 Tackles 1554 $80,001- May short sale    
9378 Waltham 2449 $120,500- April bank owned 2003- $225,500   
9757 Bonnie Briar 900 $135,000- Aug   1999- $139,000  1996- $117,500 
9213 Camelot 1464 $151,500- May      
9301 Gale  1080  $162,900- July       
8972 Tackles  1119  $170,000- April  short sale  2005- $295,000   
2704 Wabum  2952  $190,000- Oct  short sale  2002- $225,600   
9008 Pontiac Lake  2097  $209,000- Aug  bank owned  2007- $335,000   
9156 Buckingham  1800  $299,000- June  short sale  2005- $328,000   

Sales data from Realcomp II MLS and prices reflect the price after subtracting any seller concessions that were reported


Pontiac Lake Home Sales 2004

Address sq. ft. 2005 sale price
9245 Buckingham  1100  $179,900 
2248 Kingston  672  $185,000 
2168 Hampten  1462  $185,000 
9470 Thames  1145  $205,000 
9323 Gale  1180  $230,000 
2146 Hampton  1158  $250,000 
9571 Bonnie Briar 1752 $282,000
8848 Arlington  1700  $288,000 

Sales data from Realcomp II MLS and prices reflect the price after subtracting any seller concessions that were reported


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