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Why List With Jackie Hawley

Transactions translate into experience. My 26 plus years as a top producing agent equips me with experience that is even more valuable in today's strange and difficult market. Because of my experience and success I have systems in place that less experienced agents don't.

I have a proven marketing program that you can read about on this site.

I use my knowledge of the area and experience to complete an accurate, concise market evaluation of your house or land. You the seller always set the asking price, but I like to equip you with the knowledge to determine not only what a likely buyer will pay, but what a bank appraiser will probably appraise it at.

The more types of financing you can offer, the larger your buyer pool. I will advise you as to the types of financing your house will qualify for. You don't have to be in a rural area for your house to qualify for rural development financing which is still a form of 100% financing. Some houses won't qualify for FHA financing due to condition or price. Again, this is where my knowledge and experience come in handy.

If your house isn't perfect I like to discuss any potential problem areas and whether or not those areas are worth correcting or reflecting in the price. For example if you have a dated kitchen, it might not be worth it to update before selling. Might not be worth it. Every situation is different. I also am not shy about asking you to de-clutter or clean if I think the house needs it. We all get used to living in our homes and don't usually see it through the same set of eyes as a buyer who is seeing it for the first time.

I will supply you with a seller net sheet- a break down of what your costs will be so there are no surprises. 

After showings we send an email to the buyer's agent asking for feedback. That email will send 3 times if it goes unanswered, and I will call the day after the showing asking for feedback.

We will send you the web activity for the sites that make that information available.

When we get an offer, I will advise you on its strengths and weaknesses, on whether I think you should accept it as is or if we counter the offer I will offer advise on how to proceed. Of course the final decision is always yours. Before we make a decision I check on the pre-approval if the buyer is getting a mortgage. Cash offers should come with proof of funds.

If the buyer is getting a mortgage the house will have to appraise for an agreed upon price- usually sale price but not always. I make sure the appraiser sets the appointment through me so I have a chance to talk to him/her, supply comparable sales to support the sale price, the flyer with all the extras about the house, and just kind of kiss up in general. I ask the appraiser to let me know if they are having trouble with value and I will go to the public records and look for sales that might not have gone through the MLS.

I do everything I can to make the sale of your home go as smoothly as possible and create the least amount of tension possible for you.

And possibly most importantly I am accessible. I return calls and emails in a timely fashion- often times within a half hour or less. If you don't get a response from me same day (or next day if you leave a message at night) that means I never got the message. I pride myself on answering my phone when possible and returning calls quickly.

Please explore this site and my seller's blog for a pretty complete primer on selling your Oakland County or Lapeer County home. Feel free to contact me with any questions or for a market evaluation if you are considering selling.


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