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Stringy Lakes Oxford MI including Lake Mickelson

Stringy Lakes (Squaw, Long, Clear, Tan and Cedar Lakes. I also included Mickelson- I guess it connects with a small enough boat). All the lakes in this chain are all sports lakes. Below are sales sheets from the MLS showing the sales by year with color photos and sales data.

Want to Know the Value of Your Home?

Stringy Lakes lakefront home sales

In 2021 there were 17 lakefront home sales ranging in price from $375,000-$1,130,000. Only 1 of those sales was under $400K. 5 houses in the $400's, 7 in the $500's, 2 in the $600's and 1 over a million.

There were only 6 sales in 2022 but the prices in general were higher. No sales over a million but nothing below $500K either. 3 sales in the $500's, 2 in the $700's and 1 over $800,000.

Below are MLS sheets with color photos and sales details.

Stringy Lakes lake map

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