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To enhance your buying and selling experience, it’s our job as real estate professionals to provide you with as much valuable information as possible. It is essential that the buyer or seller be aware of all aspects of the real estate market before making a major decision. Whether it be through newsletters, checklists or news articles, we are here to make this process stress-free and rewarding. Please access our free reports today!

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Avoid Home Buying Mistakes
10 things to remove the trauma from home buying
Update home with fashion plumbing
Article from Lowes. See how easy and reasonably priced some updates can be.
Is the appraisal for your protection?
The appraisal may be a requirement to get the mortgage, but in no way does the appraisal reflect true market value nor does the appraiser work for you or look out for your best interests
Tips on removing wallpaper
Is the house you're interested in chock full of nasty wallpaper? See what's involved in converting a prospect into the home of your dreams.
Short Sales- What to Expect- The Buyer Perspective
Short sale listings aren't for eveyone. First, before we start looking at houses, we need to determine if a short sale listing will even work for you. And if you decide it does, you then need to decide if you are willing to deal with the headaches and unknowns involved with short sale listings. Then I will know whether to inlude or exclude them from your home searches.
Choosing the right interior paint
Most home buyers paint prior to moving in. This way it's fresh, to your taste, and much easier to do without furniture. Tips to help you avoid any regrets with your paint purchase.
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Buying a "Normal" Home Listing - Not a Short Sale or Foreclosure

Since non-distressed sales make up about half of all sales in North Oakland and Lapeer Counties, below are the 5 most recent blog posts I wrote about buying "normal" or non-distressed home listings (not short sales or foreclosures) in Oakland County MI. For a complete list please go to my buyer blog at http://SoutheastMichiganRealEstate.Wordpress.com and click on the "buying NON distressed homes" category. Or simply click on this link for posts covering topics such as the purpose of the home inspection, what is an earnest money deposit, why you need title insurance, what are seller concessions, etc.

My buyer blog at http://SoutheastMichiganRealEstate.Wordpress.com is a pretty complete resource for all aspects of purchasing a home in Oakland County Michigan with articles covering how to write an offer, the home buying process, how to figure your new taxes after purchase, market conditions for various areas including my predictions about future market conditions. And of course it is a pretty complete resource for all that is involved in buying a short sale or foreclosure listing.

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buying NON distressed homes – Southeast Michigan Home Buyer Information

The 72 hour contingency clause is often referred to as a first right of refusal; that is close but not quite accurate. A first right of refusal is an agreement between a seller and potential buyer that if the seller accepts an offer on a piece of property the potential buyer has a certain time […]

Interest rates are low- super low. How low? Low enough you can pay today’s prices for a smaller payment than 2008 prices with 2008 interest rates. Last week’s rates for a 30 fixed with 20% down and a half point was 3.625%. With good credit of course. A few weeks ago you could get a […]

When an Oakland or Lapeer County home buyer comes to us with a pre-approval letter for an FHA mortgage we will ask both you and your loan officer “Why FHA?” It’s not that we are FHA snobs or don’t want to work with FHA buyers, but FHA does come with its own baggage. Baggage that […]

Turning your home into that “dream house” Most Oakland County home buyers come to us with expectations for a home that exceed their budgets. Most people aren’t buying their “forever home” (too much time on pet finder with dogs looking for their forever homes). Many settle for something they like, build some equity and sell […]

Customer Service…. What doe is mean to you? I have been selling real estate for a touch over 23 years and it still amazes me sometimes how little effort other “professionals” put into a transaction. A little background without names or exact location. One of my listings is supposed to close this Friday. The sale […]